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LINKEDIN government requests 1H 2013 (February 3, 2014)

Linkedin Transparency Report 1H 2013 -What statistics do you have about government requests for information about members? Last Reviewed: 02/03/2014 In September 2013, LinkedIn filed legal challengesseeking the ability to provi...

India: DoT planning to extend BlackBerry lawful interception solution

The major telecom service providers in India have agreed to provide government security agencies with real-time interception of BlackBerry calls and data services on their networks, meeting the December 31 deadline set by the D...


CALEA II: Risks of Wiretap Modifications to Endpoints

Abstract: The U.S. government is proposing to expand wiretap design laws broadly to Internet services, including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services and other peerto-peer tools that allow communications in real-time di...

Regulatory status of lawful interception in Italy (“Sicurezza e Giustizia” – G. Nazzaro)

Published in “Sicurezza e Giustizia” nI / MMXIII for the quarter January-february-March 2013 nce again we find ourselves discussing interceptions, a subject of great media impact, and once again we notice the lack o...